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Simone is a long established
Interior Architect & Feng Shui Expert.
She blends ancient Chinese principles of space
into her work.
Feng Shui in Design


Simone Burstein
Founded in 1993

Feng Shui in Design is Based in Johannesburg, South Africa​

Simone Burstein is a well seasoned Feng Shui Expert with over 20 years in the industry. 

She is friendly and really cares about her clients. She has the personal touch and will not overwhelm you with jargon. She makes it easy to apply and the solutions are quite tangible. 

Simone has many areas of expertise in Feng Shui, and she uses a very complex and powerful system called 8 Mansions. This has proven to bring her clients tremendous success. 

Recent Project Update

Happy Client Update

Simone was asked by a Architectural Company to re-energise the staff and office space – quite a big ask especially during this stressful time of the lockdown regulations.

Happy to report that the staff are more energised and morale has improved. 

This is attributed to the Feng Shui principles Simone applied to the office space.

Every Space Count
Every Space Count

Why Choose Simone Burstein

20 plus Years Experience

Studying Feng Shui is difficult to study, yet Simone has mastered it with over 20 years of helpful application.

Home Space

It is important to have the good energy entering your home. Simone has been doing this for clients for over 20 years.

Interior Space Architecture

A qualified Interior Design architect, designed many food outlets that have expanded into successful franchises.

8 Mansions Expert

This is a specialized field of Feng Shui, and only one of the areas that Simone has masterfully applied for her happy clients.

Business Offices

Simone helps businesses design their internal spaces with Feng Shui principles that re-energises staff.

Expert Consultation

Simone is friendly and makes Feng Shui easy to understand. Get in touch to set up your first consultation.

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